Finding Your Value Driven Purpose

The first step to finding your value driven purpose in life is to have the courage to question what you currently believe to be true.  Our parents have passed on their beliefs to us and their parents passed on beliefs to them.

Sometimes it’s only through, travelling the world, meeting new people, and hearing different beliefs that we start to question our own beliefs in life.

So how does this impact on your life and your business?  Massively.

If you believe something, that drives your thoughts and voice.

It’s only a matter of time that you’ll notice events to back up your beliefs.

For example, a few months ago my car needed to be at the mechanic for a few weeks and we started looking at buying a new car to replace it.  I decided I wanted an electric car because I believed it’d save us money in the long run as well as align with my partners career in renewable energy.  So we looked at some Nissan electric cars locally and online.  The following week I was asking people at my gym if they liked their electric car. From that day on, I noticed so many more electric cars on the road and electric cars being recharged on the street.  So many sightings I hadn’t had prior to my car going into the mechanics.

Was that a coincidence? No, it’s been discussed in great depth that our beliefs and thoughts drive how we feel and what we see.  We are filtering to back up and justify our beliefs.

It’s like the story of the woman who cut the ends off her roast dinner every time she made a roast.  Her daughter copied this action from her mother and then one day the granddaughter asked, “why did you cut the ends off your roast before putting it in the oven Grandma?” To which she answered, because the full size roast didn’t fit in the baking dish I had at the time.

Just because somethings always been done that way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way for you.

Working with small business owners, I come across out dated business habits and tools that are costing people time and money.

It’s super important today for us to stay on top of our beliefs and change our minds when our beliefs are no longer making us happy and fulfilled.

“I changed my mind.”  It’s a powerful answer to explain why you no longer do things like that.

Recently a tradesman asked me to teach him how to setup and use XERO accounting software. One of the main issues upsetting him in his business was that it was taking him a long time to get paid.  I asked him why he allowed his customers 50 day credit terms on the invoice and he said, people in his industry have always given until the 20th of the following month to pay their invoice.  He believed this was true and so it was taking him sometimes 50 days or more to get paid.

While there are other small business owners who decided their payment terms were same day payment.  They get paid on the same day they deliver their service.  They believe they should be paid on the day they do the work.

Designing your business based on your beliefs can flow through to your satisfaction at work every day.  Take the time to write down what you believe and then notice if that belief is helping your business or hindering your ability to grow. Really question if your belief is 100% true 100% of the time.

Our Small Business Money Management program is designed to update the habits of small business owners who are dissatisfied with their money flow, using award winning tech tools and simple steps laid in sequence.

Changing your mind around your beliefs can dramatically improve your quality of life and the growth of your business.

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