The Top 7 Focus Areas In Your Business For Faster Growth.

Integrity shows your customers they can rely on you to make the deadline, be there as you said you would and get them the results you promised. Integrity separates the average from the elite in the business.

Put yourself out of a job in your own business by documenting your process. While this takes time, having a systemized business can dramatically affect the value of Goodwill in your business. Documented systems give guidelines to the new and existing team to enable the delivery of uniform products and services. Systems lead to repetition which leads to speed and greater productivity. Without systems, high-level staff may find it more difficult to delegate quickly.

There’s no quick overnight success story without a degree of hard work, long hours and learning lessons along the way. Failure is part of the journey when it comes to building a new business. But, there are often two choices when doing any routine in your business. There’s the old way or the new way. Adapting to new technologies, new markets, new customers is essential for the company to grow. Adapt or be left behind. There’s also the choice of struggling through slow trial and error alone or learning the condensed knowledge and experience from someone who’s gone before you.

Human instincts naturally stop us from taking risks that may put us outside our comfort zone and area of expertise. But as my mentor, James Wedmore says, “Find your comfort zone and then leave”. It takes courage to follow what you’re passionate about when you have no proof it will work, but what is the alternative? A 9-5 job that doesn’t make you want to leap out of bed. I think we’re all searching for our greatness to some extent. We’re trying to create ourselves through a series of accomplishments. Don’t fear failure, accept it and keep moving.

Customers will be a guiding light for your business so be sure to listen to their feedback. Although it must be stressed that choosing your ideal client avatar is incredibly important so your values and your customers’ values are aligned. Without that alignment, you’ll feel off about your offer and your products.

Striving for excellence to complete projects to the best of our abilities will help a company move towards faster growth. Being excellent sometimes or completing projects to an average level is a much slower path. Be the example your customers aspire to be. Showcase your achievements. Customers love reading glowing testimonials and working with award-winning companies.

Urgency, acting without delay. For this focus area, I’ll pose a question from Brendon Burchard’s book, The Motivation Manifesto: “Did we spend the vast majority of the day doing meaningful activities rather than being slave to distraction or useless endeavor?”

After listening to this podcast episode I’m interested to know, what are you excited to focus on achieving for the next 90 days? Comment below!



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