The ingredients for a digital passive income business model


Have you felt pressured into hustling but want to love your work at your own pace?  I don’t know about you, but I hate being rushed into anything. I like to notice what’s going on around me. I like to ask questions and learn new stuff from people who are accessible.  The great news is, you can design a business model, that uses tech, so you can stop doing everything manually to the point of exhaustion.

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Most of us have been brought up in the “you have to work hard” era. Where to make more profits employees needed to work quietly.  They had to work without errors. They had to work physically faster. They had to follow the rules.  They were not to use their creativity.  They just had to get it done.  We were educated to wear the uniform and only take directions from above.

The problem is if you go into entrepreneurship with these habits, your business won’t work.  Entrepreneurs need to take a stand for what they believe in, not sit quietly waiting for permission.  Entrepreneurs break the rules for their industry and are the leaders of innovation.  Entrepreneurs use courage and automation so work is done faster.  We are deep in the tech era.  Machines can do tedious repetitive manual tasks faster than anyone.  Creativity is essential for business.  Customers want the human touch and want to know the face behind the brand.  Finance and tax compliance is  becoming more automated and legislation is now making it mandatory for Australian and New Zealand employers to record their payroll electronically.  Using your phone or laptop to run your business isn’t just the cool thing to do, it’s how you stay competitive.

Others in your industry are 100% digital, have automated payment collection and invoicing, have apps tracking their bills and use paperless payroll to stay on top of their compliance responsibilities and this saves them time and money at the end of financial year.

Have you been burnt out in the past and are now looking for the path of least resistance?

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If you’re like me, you may have followed the pattern, finish school, get a degree, join a firm, work long hours, rinse and repeat.  Friday you’d finish the week with drinking and discussing red BMWs.  Been there done that DGAF about having a red BMW anymore unlike my 21 year old self.

Life has taught me that what matters is being with the people you love most, doing what you enjoy doing, while contributing to a better future for everyone.  If you have 10 minutes today, write on a piece of paper who you love spending time with.  What do they love doing and what do you love doing.  For me I love spending time with my husband and two sons.  They love football & rugby so I go to football and rugby with them.  I love going to the beach and going to coffee shops locally and overseas.  If I’m not travelling I’ll go to my local beach or coffee shop with my sons and husband.  It’s pretty simple to enjoy life if you know what you like doing.  When it comes to leaving the world in a better state than I found it, we support World Vision Australia and generate resources for our Finance Squad Freebie library.  Our free finance resources have been used by over 20,000 people in just the past couple of years and it just keeps growing.  Everyone deserves to know how to make money and build a business they love. 

You’re invited to my free business growth workshop. Click here to register.

I read somewhere that a physical object will give you pleasure for about 9 months.  Have you noticed that something you really wanted to buy did that for you?  I noticed this while living in Japan.  While our possessions were in storage for a year in Australia, I really didn’t miss most of them.  And when we returned to Australia, I felt sick at all the consumer possessions I’d accumulated. Our Japanese friends focused more on spending the weekend at the sauna/onsen, seeing festivals, eating out and wearing nice clothes than having big homes and fast cars. It was such a great way to live.  When we returned to Australia I decided to sell a lot of the excess we had.  After decluttering my physical surroundings I was able to declutter my money model.

Are you stuck trying all the things spending your energy in so many directions it’s exhausting you?  I hear ya.  When I started consulting I’d accept any type of business on any type of software in any suburb of Sydney.  It was frenetic and dissatisfying.  Unlike now I only offer a fixed price done for you monthly fee or a fixed price learn it yourself program.  We only use the best tools for setting up the tech for passive income streams because if it’s not fun and easy I won’t want to stick with it.

I teach the digital money model that allows people to save time and spend more on what they love doing.  

Are you investing in working in your zone of genius?  All of us have something to offer other people.  When you think about what you love doing, the things you’re good at and what people ask you to help them with, you’ll discover an overlap and this is your zone of genius.  The business model you use to monetize your zone of genius will differ depending on the personality you have and the way you feel comfortable selling.  If you’re an introvert you may prefer to sell online via and automated online membership or an online course.  If you’re an extrovert you may enjoy doing face to face consulting or selling from stage.  There are so many options to how you design the right business model that suits your unique strengths and preferences, it really becomes a journey to knowing yourself as a person as well as a business owner.

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Are you ready to create your dream life without burning out?  You already ready know the life you want and the dreams for yourself and your kids.  It’s just a matter of taking the first step.  If you’re ready to create the dream life without burning out then I can help.  I’ll guide you through starting your own business,  setting up the foundations for GST & payroll compliance in Australia and New Zealand and show you how to setup the tech for passive income from online courses and membership sites.  So what is passive income?

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Have you decided you want passive income streams because health wise you can’t work 40 hours a week anymore?  Passive income was traditionally investing in property and shares that grew in value over time.  Now it also includes having a business model that makes money for you 24/7.

Here are my ingredients for a digital passive income business model

  • You have a product or service that solves a problem for your ideal customer
  • You have automated billing, invoicing and payment collection
  • You have automated marketing advertising collecting leads and generating sales
  • You have a platform that stores your product/ service or membership
  • You earn money in the form of affiliate commission from business partners
  • You earn money from sponsors of your blog, podcast or website
  • You have referral money and commissions coming in from past clients and business partners who refer sales to you for a commission.

If this business model sounds up your alley or if you’ve been burnt out in the past and think business should be more aligned with your energy, then you’re invited to join our Business Growth Workshop.  It’s completely free and is offered to give you more clarity towards the business model that would suit you and your preferences for selling. 

You’re invited to my free business growth workshop. Click here to register.

I hope to see you soon.  You’re invited to my free business growth workshop. Click here to register.

Comment below with your business idea, I’d love to hear about your first step.



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