Let’s be honest: being self employed can have us feeling unsure sometimes, especially not knowing the first steps and since we know we should be on top of our numbers as entrepreneurs, it’s time to put some systems behind the stuff that brings in our steady cash flow.



Come closer, let me guide you through allllll the things in a fun, non techy, but intentional way so that as you cover each module you’re actually feeling excited about learning new INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT money skills. Let’s break it down: Getting paid faster online, recording and tracking your bills, planning and budgeting, payroll and more in 20 plus tutorials and trust me, these aren’t just plucked from the air, these are the real honest systems I use for my real honest consulting clients, that I put to work in my business every single day...and THAT keeps my clients coming back for more! Trust me when I say this: this programme will ruffle up your money game and help you grow your confidence and practical skills around money.... BIG TIME.



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Let’s be real: bills are sucking up wayyyyyy too much of your time. And worse, you’re gettin way too many emails you wish you would fix themselves because you dunno how to respond. No one ever told you that being an entrepreneurial boss ALSO meant being your own full time secretary...and you KNOW that client happiness is king!
Take the easy way out, outsource your bills and bank reconciliations to your very own finance assistant,  (also, imagine how good it would feel to hit “forward” and not have to worry about it! Consider us your bookkeeping fairy godmother in your inbox because life is about to get a whole lot easier with your private finance assistant.   Investment starts from

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when you don't want to deal with it anymore!

"I'll never go anywhere else".
Marissa, Happy client


More than anything, I want you to know (and trust) that Bluecloud Bookkeeping is focused on ONE THING ONLY: FREEDOM.
Yes, we’re proud of the tools, routines, tutorials, and the community, but our entire goal is to with simple routines that provide you with FREEDOM..
You can then show up for your customers and team every day without guilt... knowing your money systems are working.


What makes Bluecloud Bookkeeping special?

I'm on a mission to help every woman in the world have her own bank account and her own financial independence.  I'm here to teach you the tools & shortcuts.   It's my duty to share my 24 years accounting & bookkeeping skills with celebrity entrepreneurs, just like you wanting more fun and freedom in their life.

What is Xero?

Xero is cloud accounting software.  Before I found Xero my bookkeeping business was a bit of a hot mess!  Xero eliminates all the fluff & time wasted with backups, databases, cash tins, cheque stubs, cashbooks, address books, invoice books, folders of bills, shoeboxes of receipts, inbox of paper timesheets....  It's an all in one small business money management tool based in the cloud.  It's for entrepreneurs wanting to get their voice & products out to the world, while getting paid faster.

Where do I start?

The Small Business Money Management course is designed for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, builders, retailers, restauranteurs looking for simple money routines.  It's a great starting point for setting up Xero, learning the shortcuts & tidying up your year end bookkeeping.