Increasing Profits With Automated Emails : What You Need To Know Now

Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 65

Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 65

Today we’ll discuss ways to increase your productivity and profits with automated emails.

What you need to know now about profiting from your email list.

What if your: …followers

became customers automatically?

customers bought multiple times from you automatically?

repeat customers referred you to their friends and helped you sell automatically?

We’ve all been there, been handed a pretty business card at a networking event or social gathering.

What you do with that email address can impact your profits and your productivity.

Today we’ll talk about how you can systemise your email list to work for you 24/7 on auto pilot, so you’re building a machine that works for you, year after year.

The 3 ingredients for increasing profits with automated emails include

  1. CRM   We’ve used Mailchimp, Infusionsoft and Kajabi
  2. Email templates to provide value to your email list.  The quality of your copy writing dramatically affects the open rate of your emails which flow onto the click through rate and the purchase rate of your products.
  3. A quick win for your subscribers.  We’re all busy, so enticing your followers to join your email list takes some work.  You’ll need to create a gift for them first to reward them for entrusting you with their email address and giving you the privilege to enter their inbox every month.  Your job is to know what your potential customers need help with.  What are their problems and issues preventing them from achieving their goals?

The Plan

The strategy for your business email sequence can be summarised as give, give, give, ask, rinse and repeat.  Simply sending your subscribers regular emails and details about your products and services will not always be enough to make them want to buy.  This is why social media is such an important marketing tool for all small businesses today, both physical and digital.

Your basic plan might look something like this

  • Facebook post offering your gift, with link.
  • CRM collects your followers email address and delivers gift
  • welcome email 1 – what this says about their action & immediate offer
  • welcome email 2 – why you started this business
  • welcome email 3 – mini training
  • welcome email 4 – customer stories and testimonials
  • email 5 – invitation to live call or webinar.
  • sell product
  • post purchase review
  • affiliate partner offer
  • Rinse and repeat for every product and service you sell.

Get advanced and segment email subscribers using tags and send them on a customised journey with you.

Remember to keep providing value to customers after they’ve purchased so they tell their friends and purchase other services from you. 

Your happy customers are your unpaid workforce.  They’ll retell a happy experience with their friends and refer people to you.  You can formalise this process even further by having an affiliate program.

How do affiliate programs work?

Basically you have a URL link directing your website traffic and email list subscribers to your partners websites.  If they purchase using your link you can earn up to 50% commission.

Establish this pattern for multiple affiliates throughout your blogs and podcasts with permanent Facebook ads and you’re on your way to earning a commission 24/7.

BUT, please don’t run out and become an affiliate for every company that offers an affiliate program. 

3 Tips for choosing affiliate partners:-

  1. Choose partners whos values and services align with yours
  2. Choose partners who have established templates to make it simpler for you
  3. Try and investigate your partners before recommending them

Starting With Your Facebook Post

Your social media objective is to showcase what life looks like for your customers after they’ve worked with you or purchased your product.  What do your ideal customers envisage in their perfect day?  The lovely clothes, healthy bodies, beautiful house, coffee dates, happy children, financial security, freedom to travel,  time to read magazines,  ability to entertain and socialise with friends,  energy to join team sports…..

The most engaging social media accounts know how to communicate stories of the journey their customers will enjoy through images and videos.  VIDEO is so hot right now. 

Facebook live, Live Instagram stories and IGTV and YouTube videos are all going to push you to the top of the feed. 

NOTE: Please don’t use like bots for your Instagram. 

They can misrepresent you and can have your Instagram feed closed.

But what if no-one is following me and I’m getting no engagement on my social media? 

Remember they are always watching, even if they’re not liking or commenting. 

The majority of our paying clients have never liked any of our social posts!

But they knew we existed because we stayed in the forefront of their mind every day of the year by consistently showing up on multiple social media channels.

So how are we everywhere, every day consistently providing value?

In a nutshell blogging podcasting & promotional launches. 

We also have hired help and rely on tools like Planoly, Buffer and Kajabi to take the grunt work out of it all.  Kajabi is a wonderful tool if your business strategy includes an educational component or a membership site subscription model. 

We also love the evergreen webinar functions inside kajabi.  Here’s an example of a live webinar launch we turned evergreen.

This all sounds awesome but where do I start?

Start with writing some content your audience will want to read about.  If your thing is teaching people how to lose weight, you can go to Amazon and search for books on losing weight and read the book reviews.  Notice the words and emotions of the reviewers.  Then go and write a post to help those people.

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Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 65



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