How Your Business Benefits From Using XERO

Tell me ladies, do you want to become a virtual assistant or a virtual bookkeeper from home,

so you can start your own bookkeeping business and make money online even if you’re a beginner?

This is the life I’m currently living and I’ve had the same group of clients on average for 10 years. I’m now sharing my secrets on how to start an online bookkeeping business from home so other women out there can still grow their superannuation while caring for children and other family members.

…many of you already know I’m a WFHM who posts a ton about my business, and not infrequently about my epic baking adventures.

Since leaving full-time employment it’s become important to me to inspire and help other women grow their independence. My business classes give back the freedom to mums and isolated women in regional NSW to join in the community and be supported while starting their bookkeeping business. I’ve even supported remote accountants in the Northern Territory who just needed a second opinion before removing or redoing client transactions in XERO.

Making life easier for others fills me up.

Every now and again I like to toss up a post that lets you know I believe you can 100% learn how to better manage your virtual bookkeeping business.

And since it’s the second month of the year already tomorrow, this post’s theme will be entirely to the point. Ready? 

In business, it’s about numbers and before I can help you I need to know where you’re at right now? 

ACTION: Write down your assets, debts and regular recurring monthly income. How much extra revenue do you want to add per month?  Now about how many more hours work would that be for you?

For those of you who seem to have no spare hours in the week or enough cash to pay the bills every month, it’s no fun to struggle alone trying to make it better. Making the money you need to survive and then flourish requires tight productivity. Now I’m a mum there are no hours to waste on systems and tools that slow me down.

Regardless of your level of education, there are businesses using virtual bookkeepers who know how to use XERO. Daily transactions can be processed without tertiary qualifications. A University degree is not required to become a bookkeeper, though you must be reliable and consistent to keep clients happy year after year. If you wish to further your qualifications and become a BAS agent who provides GST and payroll advice there are formal education requirements in Australia.

Let’s start looking at the tools you’re using and your weekly habits.  

My 3 top tips for becoming a virtual bookkeeper from home earning more than $60 per hour are

  1. Sharpen your tools – watch this XERO demonstration
  2. Give customers options to pay by card
  3. Review your pricing.  If you’re underpricing you’ll find it hard to reach your income goals.

Learn more and join our free 5-day challenge here

Learn more and take a free 7-day trial of our bookkeepers masterclass library here


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