Episode 64 : 3 Steps To Selling Your Knowledge

Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 64.

Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 64.

As a stay at home mum, starting a cloud bookkeeping business, has given me back so much more time for myself and my family.  

And the great news is, anyone can learn to have their own home consulting, coaching, administration, bookkeeping or virtual assistant business just like I’ve created..

There will be scary moments as you become open to new ideas and beliefs, but it’s a journey of personal growth as well as essential for your financial freedom..

After a long career, I’ve embraced the idea it’s my duty to share the secrets to managing my own multi national 100% cloud bookkeeping and education business with entrepreneurial women, who are dissatisfied with their current lifestyle.

I’ve worked with hundreds of different companies ranging in size from payroll of 1 to payroll of 100.

Now I’ve documented and recorded the processes, distilled from my two decades experience, so you can get straight to the profits without the time consuming and frustrating trial and error.

In this episode we’ll discuss the exact steps to starting your own business and some of the tools we love.

I chose this topic today so you can:

    • #1: Create a plan for your business idea.
    • #2: Gain confidence to start taking your first steps
    • #3: Focus on serving your peeps and knowing what they need and want from you
    • #4: Help you to make money while you’re studying, working in a job and gaining full qualifications.
  • #5: Finally visualise with clarity, what your future can look like when you’re teaching others the skills and processes you know.

Now are you ready to start this thing you’ve been dreaming of for so long?

Plus: Be sure to download your PDF cheat sheet here.

3 Steps to Selling Your Knowledge

Step 1: Determine Your Price Offer

Ok so let’s start at the beginning.  What will you sell and for how much? You could start with just selling an hour of your time or some other product you’ve already created.  Whatever you do though, starting is the most important step. Visualise where you want to be in 12 months time and keep that as motivation. For help with your business plan and aligning what you offer with your lifestyle goals, watch our free business planning masterclass here.

Step 2: Let People Know Your Doors Are Open For Business And Start Building An Email List

OK let’s setup your first business page or website.  If you’re just getting started, kick off with a Facebook business page and invite your friends and family to like your page! To learn how we batch up 30 days worth of posts in one day watch this mini masterclass.  Using friendly tech tools like Planoly and Buffer can have you everywhere without spending hours every day on social media.

You’ll need to choose a name for your social media platforms.  If you like things to be simple and tidy, try and find a handle that’s the same on all your platforms eg we have @bluecloudbookkeeping for both our Facebook and Instagram and Website and it’s also our business trading name.

Once you have some email addresses, you’ll need to store them all together in a safe place. We recommend starting with a MailChimp account. It’s free to get started and you can use their templates to make announcements and automated email sequences easily, without being a tech expert.

Mailchimp is great too, because you can connect your Mailchimp opt-in link with your Facebook page. That way your interested followers can join your email list directly from your Facebook page.

Step 3: Write and share your tips, tricks and shortcuts!

OK so now we’re going to cast a wide net to attract people to your landing page, but how???  

First we give your followers some useful tips, tricks and shortcuts.  

But please, stay away from detailed instructions.  Details might make you look smart, but your customers just need simplicity.  Plus just about everything is described in detail on the internet for free.

What they need to hear are your experiences, stories and how these changes made you feel and transform from blah to awesomeness.


But what if you don’t know what to talk about?  I’ll share a couple of my go to back up plans when I’ve got blank paper staring back at me.

    1. Visit www.answerthepublic.com and enter your area of knowledge.  It’ll then give you some frequently searched questions on your topic.
    2. Be inspired by the chapters inside one of your favourite books on the topic you’re discussing.
    3. Look at your competitors blog and rewrite in your own words similar topics but take it from a 5 star post to a 7 star post.  Add images, inspirational quotes and stories of your experiences.
    4. Create an educational video and share it on YouTube or Facebook.  The beauty of YouTube videos is they can work for you for free driving consistent traffic to your business page and they don’t need to be fancy.  See here one of my early how to YouTube videos. Google “How To Apply For An ABN in Australia” Click on “Videos” and you might see this video I made appear at the no 1 position.  

My top YouTube tips are to deliver the steps straight away and not waffle about yourself in the first 8 seconds.  To have the name of the video title in the video itself, the video title and the video description. And finally to answer comments made on your video.


How was that? Not too scary.  Chunking a big project into smaller steps can make light work of trying something new.

Click here to download the 3 Steps to Selling Your Knowledge Checklist.

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Click here to read the podcast transcript for episode 64.



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