Episode 61 : How To Control Cash Flow And Budget Without The Stress So You Can Delegate Purchasing To Your Team With Confidence

Click here to read the transcript of this podcast.

Click here to read the transcript of this podcast.

Keep the momentum going. Join our program, Small Business Money Management.

The ONLY Weekend Crash Course that takes you step-by-step to knowing your numbers start to finish using XERO for making data based decisions, having more free time, and growing your profits!

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, content creator, social media strategist or a personal brand, Small Business Money Management is YOUR roadmap to increasing efficiency in your business using XERO and owning your week.     

You could search Google for YEARS without finding the steps you need unless you harness these simple lessons.

So stop wasting your weekends. Let’s get this done already! Fun to be had!  

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Xero is literally the MOST powerful business platform to help you efficiently manage your business. BUT. Guessing your numbers with no accounting training behind you WON’T help you stay on top of your profits, get paid fast and keep suppliers and team happy which  you oh-so-badly desire.

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So what can a small business owner head high in paperwork do?

– How exactly can you skip the frustration that comes with lack of processes and simple routines?

– How do you STRATEGICALLY systemise your income processes so you can maintain steady stress free cash flow month to month?  

– And how do you do your accounting right the first time so you can DOMINATE the boardroom, get more value from your accountant and spend less time paying bookkeepers to correct your paperwork errors over and over?  

These are the exact questions I answer in Small Business Money Management, a simple yet strategic way for you to get on track your numbers with XERO, and stop wasting your time guessing the steps that just increase the mess for your accountant (who’s charging you hourly… eeeek!)  

You’ll learn how to go from XERO newbie to board- room bad -ass.  

But the question is…are you ready for that?

Download the free PDF!

Click here to read the transcript of this podcast.



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