Episode 50 Special, How She Did It: Focusing on one thing with Jasmine Shea, Alena Farrugia & Natalia Michael

Welcome to our 50th Podcast Special Edition! Hip hip hooray! Are you ready to hear some real life stories from successful entrepreneurial women? As a thank you to my listeners I’ve interviewed not one but 3 incredible entrepreneurial women!!  Today they’ll be sharing their business success strategies right inside this episode.  Pop the champagne, sit back and listen all about how they found success through focusing on one thing.

Introducing our special guests

Jasmine Shea

Our first special guest is Jasmine Shea @JazzyThings and in this episode she’s going to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of her online business Your Dinner Is Planned, the easiest and most affordable way to cook healthy dinners for your family.


JazzyThings has been helping people worldwide create flavourful healthy meals at home, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun. She’s also a recipe creator for one of the largest grocery chains in the world, Kroger plus she also has her own podcast Dinner Table Talk Podcast. https://www.dinnertabletalkpodcast.com/episode/


She’s genuine, professional plus an animal lover! I encourage you all to visit Instagram@JazzyThings and Your Dinner Is Planned https://www.yourdinnerisplanned.com/

Alena Farrugia

Our 2nd special guest is Alena Farrugia founder of Beyond Limits Learning Clinic @beyondlimitslearning Beyond Limits Learning Clinic is an accredited provider of Mental Health First Aid Training across Australia, leading the way for professional development.


Beyond Limits Learning Clinic -BLLC- looks towards actively breaking down the stigma around mental illness and champion the improved support, early detection and treatment of mental health illnesses in our community.


They do this by educating and providing information, building awareness and capacity in the community.


They provide professional, down to earth, interactive training and assistance that people genuinely want to be part of. Most importantly I can wait for you to meet Alena on the show sharing her voice because she’s such a beautiful, brilliant, generous person!


Visit https://www.beyondlimitslearningclinic.com.au/

Natalia Michael

Our third special guest speaker is Natalia Michael founder and CEO of the multi award winning brand No Nasties Kids and Slick Kids @nonastieskids   No Nasties Kids is an Australian owned company creating all natural kids play makeup, face paint and hair chalk. I love their innovative products that allow children with sensitive skin be included in the fun of face painting. Visit  https://www.nonastieskids.com.au you’ll love her packaging too, sooo cute!

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