Episode 60 How to find your confidence and show up with more purpose, power, and presence in life and business with Dorothy-Inez

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So I’m currently super excited right now…


If you hadn’t already heard, I interviewed a very special guest this week on the Entrepreneurial Woman podcast…

… I’m chatting to the one and only Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo.  She’s the International Best Selling Author, speaker, teacher and mentor on the topic of all things confidence and beauty! …

Dorothy-Inez is one of the most radiant, real and raw women I’ve worked with.

And she’s been a light for women, just like you and me, who’ve struggled to show up with full confidence and take opportunities in the moment…

We’re not talking about temporary confidence solutions…

… but the deeper level stuff, and you’ll be a fly on the wall to our, at times, vulnerable conversation about confidence within.

The pod of creative souls, already subscribed to Entrepreneurial Woman, will be the first to hear our chat, but I don’t want you to miss out either.

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You’ll hear —  

  • Why it’s OK to want to take a new direction, away from the expectations of your parents
  • The common stories women are telling themselves that are holding them back from shining their light
  • How we’ve each struggled with confidence and the top tip for turning that around today
  • Why putting yourself out there on camera is the real path to connecting to your audience

If you’ve been waiting for someone to give you the permission to be yourself and follow your dream life path, then this episode is for you.

If you’ve ever been labelled as a child and have carried that (for all the wrong reasons) with you into adulthood…

If you’ve felt frustrated and dissatisfied with your career and business,

…then be kind to yourself and allow yourself to drench yourself in the light that is pouring from Dorothy-Inez

Let’s dive into this topic and grow together

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Love Kim x



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