Episode 53: The 3 Steps To Hassle Free Profits on Budget

Click here to read the transcript of this podcast. Are you using these 3 steps to ensure you’re making a profit and at least on budget? How do you track your key performance metrics inside your small business month to month?


November 2, 2018

Episode 51 Why Is It Important To Have An Accountant?

Accountants are an important part of your small business team. We discuss their roles and how it differs to your bookkeeper. What’s important to you when choosing a bookkeeper or accountant? Tell us below!!


October 23, 2018

The Pro Tips & Tools To Start Your Business With Confidence

Join me for a free class. The Pro Tools & Tips To Start Your Business With Confidence.   Save your seat by clicking here    Do you want to grow your business without spending all day on social media?   Have you considered creating a digital membership site for your business?   Would you like […]


October 7, 2018

Episode 50 Special, How She Did It: Focusing on one thing with Jasmine Shea, Alena Farrugia & Natalia Michael

Click here to read the transcript of this episode. Welcome to our 50th Podcast Special Edition! Hip hip hooray! Are you ready to hear some real life stories from successful entrepreneurial women? As a thank you to my listeners I’ve interviewed not one but 3 incredible entrepreneurial women!!  Today they’ll be sharing their business success […]


October 4, 2018

How much does it cost to start an online business?

Todays’ episode is for corporate women looking to start an online business. I chose this topic today for those of us who have always wanted to run their own business but are still working in a corporate job.  Be sure to tune in next week to the Entrepreneurial Woman Podcast when my special guests share […]


September 30, 2018

How to get more holidays in 2018

I’m writing this blog post from our Lake Taupo holiday villa in New Zealand. It’s 6am and my family are still sleeping!! While this weekend was mostly a road trip with my rowing club for racing, we extended the weekend by soaking in some of the local hot spring pools and tourist attractions! Here’s where […]


September 19, 2018

How to catch up on your business taxes without giving away your weekends.

Today’s topic is for all the entrepreneurial women out there who’ve fallen behind on their taxes and just need to get the dang thing done already! You’ve got this and we’re not going to let you waste another weekend getting nowhere shuffling papers.  There are kids to feed, spin classes to attend and that book […]


September 5, 2018

Removing the biggest barriers to doing what you love doing most

Today’s topic is about removing the biggest barriers to doing what you love doing most.  I chose this topic today because I’ve been on this journey myself and it’s something working mum’s and business women silently struggle alone with. episode-46-transcript Step 1 Write down what you want! Let’s start with a quick exercise, jot down […]


August 30, 2018

How to Grow Your Business on a Small Budget

Entrepreneurial women worldwide are setting up and growing their own small businesses.  After you’ve worked in your corporate job for a while and you’ve then decided to leave full time work to take care of babies, your finances can feel under pressure. The good news is there’s never been an easier time for women to […]


August 8, 2018

Making Better Money Decisions and Small Business Finances

Making better money decisions comes down to a few things. Having time to decide and plan what your goals are and then figuring out the resources you need to achieve those. We then just have to get stuck into it and produce an outcome. I’m all about the outcome rather than the act of just […]


August 8, 2018


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