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The Top 7 Focus Areas In Your Business For Faster Growth.

Integrity shows your customers they can rely on you to make the deadline, be there as you said you would and get them the results you promised. Integrity separates the average from the elite in the business. Put yourself out of a job in your own business by documenting your process. While this takes time, […]


July 31, 2019

Episode 66: Creating A More Powerful Money Story With Cassie Parks

Cassie Parks Cassie Parks is an entrepreneur, author, business coach, and leadership expert who runs the successful course, “Manifest $10k.” After spending her professional career navigating corporate culture, Cassie realized her dream of pursuing her own aspirations and becoming financially independent. Having created enough passive income in real estate, Cassie “retired” at 32 and launched […]


June 13, 2019

Increasing Profits With Automated Emails : What You Need To Know Now

  Today we’ll discuss ways to increase your productivity and profits with automated emails.   What you need to know now about profiting from your email list. What if your: …followers became customers automatically? customers bought multiple times from you automatically? repeat customers referred you to their friends and helped you sell automatically? We’ve all been there, […]


May 31, 2019


SMALL BUSINESS MONEY MANAGEMENT 2019 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: ENTRIES OPEN THROUGH JUNE 27 AT 2PM  AEST Hi! I’m Kim You already know the financial future you want.   We’re here to help you arrive by learning some new money habits. How would it feel to wake up to meaningful, purpose driven work? What if your money […]


May 24, 2019

Episode 64 : 3 Steps To Selling Your Knowledge

As a stay at home mum, starting a cloud bookkeeping business, has given me back so much more time for myself and my family.   And the great news is, anyone can learn to have their own home consulting, coaching, administration, bookkeeping or virtual assistant business just like I’ve created.. There will be scary moments […]


May 16, 2019

Working From Home Mums And Holiday Childcare

  episode-63- transcript Are you planning on being a work from home mum? Do you currently juggle children and work? Download the free PDF Being home with my first baby on maternity leave gave me the space and time to rethink my future career and what I wanted it to look like. Like many women, […]


April 15, 2019

The ingredients for a digital passive income business model

  Have you felt pressured into hustling but want to love your work at your own pace?  I don’t know about you, but I hate being rushed into anything. I like to notice what’s going on around me. I like to ask questions and learn new stuff from people who are accessible.  The great news […]


March 29, 2019

How To Email A Branded Tax Invoice To Your Customer In Under 5 Minutes

  Demonstration time! I’ll walk you through the steps to setup Xero and then email a tax invoice to your customer in under 5 minutes. Want to try yourself? Visit xero.com and sign up for a 30 day free trial. Want to skip ahead to the juicy bits, the Xero software demo starts at 14:07, […]


March 20, 2019

Episode 61 : How To Control Cash Flow And Budget Without The Stress So You Can Delegate Purchasing To Your Team With Confidence

Keep the momentum going. Join our program, Small Business Money Management. The ONLY Weekend Crash Course that takes you step-by-step to knowing your numbers start to finish using XERO for making data based decisions, having more free time, and growing your profits! If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, content creator, social media strategist or […]


March 6, 2019

Episode 60 How to find your confidence and show up with more purpose, power, and presence in life and business with Dorothy-Inez

Download Free PDF So I’m currently super excited right now… Why? If you hadn’t already heard, I interviewed a very special guest this week on the Entrepreneurial Woman podcast… … I’m chatting to the one and only Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo.  She’s the International Best Selling Author, speaker, teacher and mentor on the topic of all […]


February 25, 2019


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