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Episode 35 – Starting a Business While Raising A Family

Episode 35 Starting a Business While Raising a Family

Worried out about money now you’re pregnant?

Hi, I’m Kim, an Aussie accountant and GST BAS Agent and the founder of Bluecloud Bookkeeping.

A 100% cloud-based bookkeeping company for small business owners looking for a better way to get their admin done in less time and without the hefty accounting fees.

Unlike traditional accountancy firms charging around $75 per hour for bookkeeping to get your business tax ready, we’re all about fixed pricing, using cloud tools with the help of AI, so you’re automating the mundane and able to make it to the 6 pm pilates class

Thank you for being here!

Juggling life, business, money, dreams can make our minds packed with crazy overwhelm so I’m going to get straight to the good stuff.

Listen to this weeks podcast below for our

Five Tips to Starting a Business While Raising a Family

I’m going to share how you can have your own business while raising a family without going back to uni.

It’s 2018, not 2008

Business systems pre 2000 are pretty old and dusty but many people are still using them and wasting their social life just to keep on top of running their business the old way instead of the new way

Do you need to go to uni these days to make money?

That’s debatable.

Can you make money from fixing one problem for one niche client – #AbsoloutelyYesMamma

We’re here to teach you how to set up your own business whether you already have a business plan or not.

If you don’t have a business plan then you’ll be learning a financial life skill

that’s also needed by every other business out there.

Small Business Money Management (see our course here https://kimhinkley.com)

Bookkeeping and accounting are still one of the highest business models that return the highest profit margins.

So we’re here to teach you bookkeeping using the cloud, from wherever, using whatever skills you have now,  you are so you can

Start your own business doing your thing

Walk into a business and hit the ground running


Look after your bills and invoices or do it for another business

Know how to be productive on your first day at work in an accounting firm (if you’re a promising young university student shit scared of asking your manager anything.)

Improve the way your family business is operated and boost profits through efficiency.

It can feel scary knowing your income is coming to an end and how are you going to afford childcare plus pay the bills and get any sleep

It can dampen the excitement of your newborn but I’m going to get you excited about your pregnancy plus the incredibly important decisions you’re now going to make about your future, how you make money and how you raise your family

Before I began my own business I felt frustrated not having thousands of dollars appearing in my bank account anymore from my 9-5, bored walking around Westfield, uninspired driving my kids to tennis, swimming, Kindermusik, Sporty kids …… etc

I felt like I was now at the bottom of society.

Cashless and dependant on my man financially.

While some women aspire to be ladies of leisure I just couldn’t cope without making my own spending decisions and just having the freedom.

Freedom to choose.

Not having to explain why I wanted something.

Not explaining why I love the quality and refuse to buy poor quality.

I also felt like my privacy has been taken away now my spending habits were being analyzed in our joint bank account.

I opened my own business bank account.

Bought some Google shares with some savings I had tucked away

and launched my biz Bluecloud Bookkeeping.

I went from earning $30 per hour bookkeeping to $350 per hour bookkeeping.

I learned the tools, created systems based on the 100 + companies I’d worked for

and created my knowledge into an online course

and simple routine I use to earn my income from home,

while still driving my kids to school, swimming and buying them cute outfits at Country Road!

My MISSION is to help women worldwide

Start a business
Learn bookkeeping skills
Manage their own money
Plan their business goals
Learn the tools that are working now
Reduce the amount of stress in their life
Keep on top of their taxes, the fun, and easy way
Have time for kids, partners, gym, trivia, holidays
Continually grow their email list and customers

I promise to relieve the tension of small business owners and women looking to work from home during maternity leave.

We’ll help you get excited about your business numbers and watching them grow and using a better system and award-winning tools to do the heavy lifting for you.

My business is not about endless nights of processing thousands of invoices every week.

Unlike traditional bookkeepers who work on site, handling paper, stamping, filing and balancing chequebooks,

We’re all about artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, business apps, efficiency, weeding out human error, controlling data accuracy, simple systems, and repeatable weekly routines.

We’re making it easy for your tax accountant at year end too.

We’re saving money for our clients by getting their bookkeeping up to date before they see their tax accountant so they don’t have to worry about

Freakishly enormous accounting/bookkeeping fees

Trying to remember the 30 mins of bookkeeping advice they got 12 months ago from their accountant

Submitting their first business tax return clueless and nervous and in the dark

Find out more  about learning how to start your own business and control your own finances here https://kimhinkley.com

Episode 34 How To Start Your Own Business Online

Episode 33 How to Sell Boring Products & 3 tips to Boost Your Bottom Line

Episode 32 – Side Hustle Tactics. Turning your idea into an income stream.

Download this weeks freebie 10 Ways to accelerate your side hustle idea into an income stream.

Print out the worksheet and write your answers to all 10 steps. Make it really happen. Start the ball rolling today.

We’re passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to make it home for dinner on time using convenient cloud tools and simple repeatable routines for reliable accurate data from any device.

Today we chat about the action steps to building your side hustle into your major income.

Just get started and you’ll make amazing discoveries along the way, just like me.

From feeling like I was going backwards from being an accountant to a bookkeeper to making $350 per hour training small business owners Australia wide on how to setup their businesses via video conference, while caring for my two toddlers.

Design your own side hustle just the way you want it and work with people you care about xoxoxo

Episode 31 How does a stay at home mum make money online these days?

Episode 31


Today we’re discussing the systems and tools women around the world are using to make millions from their homes, while juggling family, fitness and a social life.


Working for yourself is hard work.


It takes serious grit, self awareness and dedication to keep going and to do whatever it takes to make it work.


It’s not for people looking to make quick easy money.


The success comes for those who are


Passionate about their cause


Are willing to learn leadership skills


Can come back and face the world after being knocked down


Invest in themselves


I’ve been reading a book to my kids called Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and there is a quote in the book by Michelle Obama


“No one is born smart, it’s all hard work”


When you dive into the real life stories of most successful people they’ll have a one thing in common.  They’re


Hard workers and they do whatever it takes.


In the past 12 months I’ve been researching and registered for some online courses to study how other course providers are making money, what tools they’re using and the systems they’re following.


Let’s get stuck into today’s topic, looking at how some of the most successful online female entrepreneurs are making money and what we can use from their experience and apply to our small businesses.


Marie Forleo – She’s a NYC based creator of the online programme B – School, B for business.  Designed to help women around the world learn the basics of small business setup over an 8 week programme of dripped content, with a few bonus modules after completion.


The most outstanding thing I’ve learned from observing Marie is her email and video sequences towards the closing date of her B-School enrolment, which she takes only once a year.  Her course is approx $2000 USD and her affiliates are paid 50% commission for referring clients to her. YES her affiliates receive $1000 USD per enrolment and I’ve seen some of her affiliates battling it out to provide their audience with awesome private webinars, tutorials and support during their B-School experience.


While there are many successful women in the world making millions from online courses, what is not so obvious is how stay at home mums can get their own online course up and running, without the team of graphic designers, editors, copywriters, photographers etc that go with a million dollar business.


I’ve seen women delivering courses through some common and not so common cloud tools.


  1. Private Facebook groups, using video tutorials uploaded through YouTube.  The video tutorials are scheduled through the Private Facebook group in advance.  While this system is just about free, except for the cost of your Internet connection, it does have a down side.  The group members need to be added and removed manually and there is no automated way to take payments from customers, so getting paid may involve a phone call or an online invoice using XERO.
  2. Teachable is an online course platform, with a free trial and it has the added benefit of being able to take your customers payments online.  The only downside is they take a percentage of your income, rather than a flat fee.
  3. Camtasia is a wonderful tool you may want to explore if you want to take high resolution videos for your online programme.  It’s not difficult to learn to edit your own podcasts and video tutorials using Camtasia.
  4. Clickfunnels is another online platform I’ve been exposed to on the inside as a student.  It’s hugely successful and the platform has made over 100 millionaires so it’s definitely a valuable platform.  It does weigh heavily on the sales page content and the actual members site is not so pretty. It also has quite a price tag at about $99 USD per month.
  5. Mykajabi is being used by some of the big players for delivering their online courses.  It’s really beautiful and polished inside the course and it easily links with Stripe to enable online payment. The price does match it’s functionality though, starting from $1999 USD per annum.   It also has features for affiliates, so you can track how many sales your affiliates have made and how much commission you need to pay them. I’m VERY excited to be delivering my Small Business Money Management course this month using the New Kajabi.  Stay tuned for more!


Now that we’ve examined some of the tools,let’s look at the systems


Systems for online income may include


  • Focusing on a specific topic for a specific niche.
  • Delivering free content to that niche, weekly podcast, weekly blog, Facebook lives, YouTube
  • Capturing the email from your website visitors so you can stay in touch over the long term
  • Targeting a series of Facebook ads to those who’ve visited your website.
  • Having conversations with your social media audience.
  • Delivering free content using webinars and free live information nights.
  • Providing useful information and lessons for your niche through regular emails.

Making affiliate connections in complementary industries and cross promoting others.

Delivering your online course using either a ready made platform or through Facebook groups.

The beauty about this system is that


ANYONE can execute it.  There is nothing stopping you from creating your own course so long as you play the LONG LONG game and don’t quit before the crowd has time to know, like and trust you!!!

Hang in there guys. Everyone faces rejection, failure, embarrassment, shame, self doubt, moments of highs and lows but you’re choosing how you want to earn your income on your own terms so it’s not all going to be rainbows and champagne cocktails

so unless you want to go back to grinding 9-5, this is part of what is takes.


Being an entrepreneur does not make you better than people who earn their income by salary or wage.  I liken it to being gay, you’re just born that way. Entrepreneurs are just programmed at birth to run their own businesses, takes risks,  eat failure for breakfast some days while still managing to stay optimistic.


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Episode 30 Is Automation Good for the Economy and how will it affect your business.

We’ve all been introduced to automation in some form in our lives.  In episode 30 we chat about whether automation is good for the economy and how will it affect your business.

The downside of automation is that YES people lose their jobs especially in manufacturing production lines.

We’re already seeing robots assembling cars and making bottles, shoes you name it, with little human involvement.

Automation can also mean a higher capital investment is needed to redesign manufacturing processes.  So in the short term companies may suffer cash flow problems but it’s here to stay and

automation is the key to greater company productivity and being competitive going forwards.

There are organisations that will not automate and will not adjust to the tech era. They will close down.

It’s not a matter of if but when.

Automation means

Less mundane tasks

Faster manufacturing

Less manual labour

Saved time

Saved energy

Saved money

The new fragmented tech era means

new possibilities – improved customer service, higher quality control, new products, better design, time for analysis

More profitable companies in the community mean those communities enjoy


More money flowing through the community,

Higher standard of living for locals

Customization of cars or white goods will be more readily available as workers focus on customer satisfaction.

Flow on benefits of a stimulated economy

The internet is providing development countries with a faster route to higher standards to living and income

When we’re planning goals four companies for the long game we need to use the tools that are working best NOW not 15 years ago.



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Episode 29 How to get everything you want in life

We’ve all felt dissatisfied with the direction our lives are taking at some point. Whether it was when you were single, or when you wanted to have a family but you found yourself childless in your thirties or when you got laid off after spending years grinding 9-5.  I’ve been there!  I’ve come through the other side and now I’m here to help you get everything you want in life too!


Life can kick you in the guts and it can seem like the whole world is against you at times.  Have you ever felt you’re just having failure after failure in all areas of life?  I’m no stranger to failure and one thing I have learned along the way is that failure is part of the winning formula.  If there was no failure then there would be no progression and growth.


When we fail we’re also learning.


Today’s episode is about turning this cycle of “bad luck” into what you really want in life.


So how do we become the CEO of our own lives and enjoy every week surrounded by smile moments.




Have the mindset of Annie Thorisdottir, Crossfit Athlete


A major shift in enabling me to have everything I want, without self sabotaging and destroying my own happiness, is to actually let life be good.


We have to just stop complaining, making excuses and notice what we have is really awesome.  This has been a major problem I’ve had in life. I’d often blame my bad luck on my looks because I hated being asian looking, being called a slap head, ching chong etc through school, but it’s taken a long time for me to accept I am the way I am. I’m now proud to be part asian because I’m proud of what my Vietnamese mum achieved in life and what she did to help so many people.


I grew up without luxuries at times. My parents had a noisy VW and our first home had an outdoor toilet.  My parents would use Vegimite jars for our dinner glasses. I thought only rich people had an indoor toilet.  I’m now thankful I have everything I need AND want in life.




Being brave is the most difficult thing most of us can do because it’s safer to stay in the same old routine, without change and without progressing BUT we can get frustrated as we see ourselves aging without improving our financial assets, our career or our social lives.


No one is going to knock on your door and ask you to have kids with them, hand you a multi million dollar company and give you rock hard abs! It’s up to you!


I’ve been making excuses to work out since having hand surgery on my hands a while ago but I’ve since dialed up my bravery and joined a local Cross fit club late last year.   The first few weeks I really thought I’d have to quit because my hands wouldn’t take it but they have held out so far and I’m becoming stronger.

I’ve just been using my hands as an excuse!


While I’m still sometimes the weakest person in the class, it can take a while to get the right technique before the big results start coming through.  I’m also surrounded by people I want to be like, the coaches and some really strong women. It’s scary and exciting every week.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Easy gets boring quickly!


When I feel like quitting I think of Annie Thorisdottir and what must go through her mind as she’s getting too tired to lift the bar.  Check out her Facebook page – wow!




I’m lucky to have worked for some great CEOs and just by listening and watching them I noticed they had some common traits.


They took risks and took a stand against something.  This often led to them being disliked and even hated but they stood for something.


They didn’t try to please everyone.  By not trying to please everyone, they were strongly supported by those they did stand for.


They made slow decisions and gathered evidence before board meetings and before changing company policies.


They did their research before making changes and looked at their results and made plans for the future.


They often felt the isolation of being the leader, being excluded from staff social events and having to let people go from the company.  They were often the center of gossip.


They asked others to run the project.  They didn’t do everything in the company, they had managers to run their projects.  They kept an eye on the big picture and the month to month results and patterns.


They were social butterflies and enjoyed meeting and networking and connecting with other CEOs and people in their industry.


They were always on the lookout for opportunities and collaborations.


They could deliver an inspirational speech and tell a story that would move others to action.  They were extroverted, jolly and entertaining when they needed to be. They could turn on a show.


Think about how we can apply these traits to our own lives and take more control over our own future.  You can learn and apply the traits of successful CEOs to your own life and business.


Let’s recap


Take risks

Take a stand

Accept you will be disliked

Don’t try to please everyone

Make slow decisions based on facts

Do your research when planning for the future

Make the tough decision when you need to let team go

Accept that you may be the center of gossip

Use managers to run your projects

Get out to social events and meet new people

Practice making speeches and storytelling

Be extroverted sometimes.


I look forward to chatting with you guys next week.


Cheers, Kim x


PS Have you seen our latest Instagram posts? Follow us @bluecloudbookkeeping

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Episode 28 How to get more customers to your business

How to get more customers to your business


When I was working full time in corporate accounting I wanted to have a plan to enable me to work from home and still make good money and be available to look after my kids, BUT like many professional women know telling your boss you’re pregnant can sometimes feel like you’re pressing the rewind button on your career.  The traditional corporate world ain’t always that family friendly so I’ve been studying successful women who’ve made the leap from corporate to consulting and then into online courses.


If I can make it happen then you can too.


Success comes down to recognising your own strengths, falling down, getting back up, testing, trying, failure, learning and discoveries.

The most fun of being self employed for me is observing other successful women, taking notes from their systems and using that to inspire my own growth.

Study from others and allow them to guide you to the finish line faster, with less trial and error and faster wins.

Being surrounded by clients and customers that have a purpose for spreading good in the world is a nice position to be in.  Add on top of that I’m able to work from home or abroad without changing my routine is the icing on the cake.

Automation is a part of my business I’m passionate about because of the opportunities and TIME it provides, in an otherwise exhausting routine for small business owners, especially working mums.

By teaching the tools and providing the system to go with them, I’m helping make life simpler for busy entrepreneurs.

The positive feedback drives me continually to keep searching for a better way, to try a new tool and to redesign the steps in a more productive sequence.

If you’d like the free cheat sheet to walk you through the ways I won more customers to my business then click the download here.

Let’s dive into today’s topic.  Below are some ways I’ve gained new customers.

  • Referrals from family, friends, colleagues.  If you pay it forward and do favours for friends and colleagues then often they will one day refer you if the conversation comes up.
  • Having a website and blogging has allowed me to gain customers through Google.  I’m no expert at this method, so definitely seek some website experts to help with this method, but yes have a go at Google ad words to drive visitors to your blog post with a free cheat sheet attached.
  • Having special offers through my email list, has reignited conversations and quotes that lay doormant.  Once in a while it is OK to offer something to sell to your email list.  Obviously not with every email you send then, but every half a dozen emails yes, let them know what you’ve got to offer.
  • Free webinars have been successful for me.  Using Zoom I’ve done some free software demonstrations inside a free webinar and this has turned interested participants into customers.
  • Commenting in Facebook groups.  Simply do a search in Facebook groups that you’re involved with and search for your topic and join the conversation.  Helping people inside groups is a great way to build your email list and customers, without having to spend any money!
  • Going to conferences and meeting people is a great way I’ve managed to get new clients. I love a good mingle, especially when you go to a conference with a room full of like minded people.  Get over to the snack table and get chatting and mingling.  Have a little elevator pitch up your sleeve and you’re good to go.  Just Google how to prepare an awesome elevator pitch.
  • Finally remember not to be desperate for clients.  If you’re just starting out with no clients then get a temp job to pay the bills and reinvest back into your small biz setup before you have monthly recurring income.

What is your next step? Try one new idea today and get the momentum going. Download the cheat sheet and get stuck in. Chat soon guys. Kim x

PS. A final note, I major mistake I made in the early years of gaining new clients was to overwhelm them with a 100 point novel of how they can improve their business systems.  I’ve learned to listen more when meeting new clients, because providing solutions before you really know what your customer wants can lead to confusion.  Keep your initial meetings simple.


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