Welcome, lovely!

Hi my name’s Kim and I’m here to teach you the tools and systems I’ve used to simplify the lives and money management of my small business clients, from all walks of life.   No this is not just for accountants!  It’s for real people, just like you without tech or accounting experience. How the heck?  By using award winning cloud apps XERO & Receipt Bank!   After grinding in corporate accounting for over ten years I felt like there had to be a more fulfilling, creative way to make money on my own terms! (picture me 31 single, every Saturday night free, just me and my fur babies watching Graham Norton)  I’d look at my boss in his glass corner office, signing off tax returns, and I just couldn’t picture my ultimate future self sitting at that desk!   Single ladies & pregnant corporate babes unite!   Have you ever felt like the path you’ve coasted on for years suddenly just didn’t feel right? I hear ya!  Do you feel like you’re frustrated, stuck, at a turning point but not sure of the next step.   If you’re super passionate about your business ideas and getting your voice heard in the world and helping good people then you’re in the right place.   If you’re excited to start your own business and become the VIP CEO boss babe of your own life and finances then welcome to the party! (balloons and streamers raining down)   Yeah getting your taxes ready is as fun as no wifi on Saturday morning, but making money is super dang exciting and watching your debt crumble and your assets grow is freakin amazeballs!  Tax compliance will just be the icing on your small business cake of awesomeness & purpose.   Mastering your mindset and allowing good stuff to enter in all areas of your life is earth moving!  (Thank you NLP coaches one and all, keep doing your good thing!)   While I love inspiring people to step it up to the next level, I’m not a mindset coach.   I’m here to give you the black and white on your finances and get you making accurate decisions based on your numbers, not your intuition ( which is important, but for taxes we’re sticking to real numbers).   You’ve seen and heard about thousands, heck over one million other small business owners crushing it out there using XERO cloud accounting software.   You’ve heard about people making money in their sleep using cloud automation tools and you’re wanting some of that too.  Again, welcome to the partay!   Welcome to your playground for concentrating on your profitability, tracking your financial scorecard and getting on top of your finances for real.  Real demonstrations, real steps and real systems in place today for our clients making $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month.   Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing small business, we’re here to make your business stronger with a better overall understanding of how to setup and operate your own efficient, systemised small business ready for the tech era and the decades to come.   Are you ready to stop spending all your free time worrying about your finances,trying to get catch up with your taxes and keeping on top of your payroll, supplier bills and invoicing your customers?   Hell yes I’m ready! Break out the champagne!